Churchill Super Vitrified 

Churchill Super Vitrified


The Churchill Super Vitrifi ed body is one of the strongest in the world, delivering presentation that lasts. A comprehensive collection of ranges from classic to contemporary, whiteware to coloured glazes. A variety of shapes and sizes to provide your tabletop solution. The Churchill...


The Churchill Super Vitrifi ed body is one of the strongest in the world, delivering presentation that lasts. A comprehensive collection of ranges from classic to contemporary, whiteware to coloured glazes. A variety of shapes and sizes to provide your tabletop solution. The Churchill Super Vitrifi ed collection offers solutions for chefs that work in fast moving, professionally disciplined back of house environments.

Churchill Super Vitrifi ed won't let you down.


Churchill Super Vitrified 



    A modern and delicate embossment with long-lasting durability and strength – the true essence of natural bamboo. Perfect for both large scale banquets and restaurant dining. Organic lines and natural texture, which refl ect beautifully in the light, are the highlight of this collection of Bamboo tableware.


    Bowl foods and dishes on the side are the trend of the moment. Perfect for event dining, side orders, soups, salads, chips, dips and much more. The collection can be complemented by our extensive wood collection, adding a fresh solution to tabletop presentation.


    With food presentation becoming ever more innovative and exciting, quirky Plant Pots are a fun addition to the Bit on the Side range. Plant Pots come in two organic and earthy, rustic colours, Paprika and Pebble. They are ideal for celebrating the trend for provenance of food and quality ingredients. The versatile Plant Pots are great for serving side dishes, starters, desserts, snacks and tapas.


    Modern, soft curves are captured in this range of Bubble beverage items. Create a statement with a fresh design which adds an organic feel on the tabletop. Comprising of six cups & mugs, this collection caters for all of your beverage needs.


    Buckingham White, with its distinctive rope embossed gadroon edge and subtle fluting, is a traditional stylish design that enhances any table and suits any dining occasion. Buckingham is perfect for the customer looking for a more traditional style of tableware.

  • CAFE

    Beverage ranges to suit all of your needs offering a wide selection of shapes and sizes for serving coffee, tea and hot chocolates. From contemporary to traditional styles, for the perfect cappuccino or cup of tea in white and colour.


    Beverage ranges to suit all of your needs offering a wide selection of shapes and sizes for serving coffee, tea and hot chocolates. From contemporary to traditional styles, for the perfect cappuccino or cup of tea in white and colour.


    One of our most popular coffee ranges, the Cafe collection is now available with a ripple embossment, meeting the demand for more trendy mug shapes.


    An elegant range of embossed tableware, Chateau offers outstanding versatility whilst remaining practical and durable. With its combination of elegant design and extensive product range, Chateau is the ideal choice for all fine dining and banqueting occasions.


    Classic is the ideal platform for your menu. Streamlined and incredibly strong, this range of wide rimmed plates and ovals come in a variety of sizes to cover any requirement. For customers looking for a simple solution, Classic is the perfect choice.


    Compact is a comprehensive stacking beverage system that provides a fresh and practical solution for modern beverage service. The range offers outstanding functionality combined with a stylish retro design.


    The soft and sculptured forms of Contempo offer the customer a very stylish and individual look on the table with a beautifully fl at centre for the food to sit on, enhanced by the soft curve of the rim. Perfect for all types of cuisine and complements a wide range of dishes such as fi sh, meat, salad, pasta and risotto


    Cookware is an attractive oven-to-tableware range that combines vital performance with contemporary understated design. Featuring a high thermal shock resistance to reduce breakages, Cookware offers excellent heat retention properties and is freezer, oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.


    Counter-Serve is an award winning, innovative product designed to offer the perfect solution for all hot and cold counter service, with flexible layout and a clean white body. Counter-Serve provides consistent presentation, improving the look of food display. Items are all oven proof, microwave and dishwasher safe, and are stackable for optimum storage efficiency.


    Introducing a completely new concept in cookware and serving in Black and White for dramatic effect. Cove is inspired by nature and the elements of the coastal line with the soft fl owing shape and subtle wave embossment. Available in three different sizes and two depths. There is a solution to meet all requirements, from a dish for an individual portion, a mid sized sharer or a large serving dish for hot counters.


    The natural world gives inspiration to the creative mind and the modern restaurateur. Many chefs look to the wild, foraging for the ingredients that shape their dishes. Discover is a collection of shapes inspired by our natural suroundings, with soft embossment and oranic curves. The complementary canvas for a chef's creative presentation. Round shapes are available without embossment in the Trace collection.


    Combining deep bowls, wide rims and elevated curved profi les to bring a dramatic effect to any tabletop. The four multi-functional shapes work beautifully whether presented side by side or as individual signature dishes. Perfect for salads, pastas, risottos or desserts.


    Stylish and simple, Evolve is a versatile range of coupe shaped plates and bowls. Soft rimless coupe profi les lend themselves perfectly to classic and contemporary food presentation. Now introducing a new large Coupe Plate, perfect for showcasing an array of foods including individual pizzas.


    Bring food to life with the soft fl owing curves of our Glide collection which gives a truly sculptured feel to the plate - perfect for showcasing all kinds of food featuring a distinctive curved rim, providing unlimited opportunities for presentation. Food brings these show stopping pieces to life.


    Just Desserts is a retro inspired collection of items to enhance the dessert menu. This range is a quirky, new way to enhance all things sweet, from puddings to milkshakes. The range includes a pudding cup, ice cream bowl, hot chocolate mug and a footed sundae dish in candy sweet colours of white, pastel pink and ice blue as well as three retro glass pieces which fi t perfectly with the trend for nostalgia.


    Beverage ranges to suit all of your needs offering a wide selection of shapes and sizes for serving coffee, tea and hot chocolates. From contemporary to traditional styles, for the perfect cappuccino or cup of tea in white and colour.


    Modelled on the Lotus fl ower this collection of seven accent pieces has an organic, innovative design. A fl exible range of coupe shaped bowls and plates, the spacious food serving area lends itself perfectly to contemporary food presentation.


    Inspired by the Mediterranean, this exciting range of highly versatile plates and bowls work across the menu to provide great fl exibility. Contemporary shapes that are the perfect host for any Mediterranean menu and a range of versatile mezze dishes, perfect for all types of Mediterranean bites.


    Keep up with the latest dining trends for color and pattern with our printed design, available in two fresh colours Blue and Orange. Ideal for accenting existing ranges with an injection of colour, complemented perfectly with all the Bit on the Side coloured glazed dishes. Works well with global cuisines such as Middle Eastern, Mexican and Spanish Tapas.

  • NOVA

    Nova is a range of plates and bowls in key sizes combining contemporary understated design with functionality and durability. The narrow rim of Nova allows greater service area for food presentation. Ideal for all types of dining occasions no matter the scale.


    Contemporary in design, Options is a multi-functional range of three dishes which are perfect for combos, shared starters, main courses and buffets. With specially designed plastic dippers that hook on for practicality and style.


    A striking and innovative range combining versatility with contemporary design, Orbit enhances food presentation to create impact. All pieces are stackable and the oval pasta plate will also inter-stack with the Equation pasta plate. This stylish collection delivers a fresh design concept without compromising durability and functionality.


    Add personality and style to the tabletop with our comprehensive collection of decorated ranges. Whether it’s contemporary design, rustic texture, vibrant colour or a classic pattern you’re after we have plenty to choose from. Patterns help to personalise the dining experience by injecting colour into tabletop presentation. Make an impression on your customers with colours and patterns coordinated with your business décor. Ideal for customers looking to stand out from the crowd.


    Profile flatware has an enhanced face profile with a defined rim to showcase the food at its very best. The slim and defined rolled edge ensures excellent durability. The plates and rimmed bowls are all streamlined up to 20% lighter than existing Classic plates making them an easy to handle solution.


    The Retro Blue collection is striking, with a laid-back nostalgic edge that brings ceramic lines to life with a band of cobalt blue. Inspired by traditional enamelware combined with soft coupe shapes the width of the band has been increased to work with the lines of the shapes and create statement tableware.


    An innovative range developed to be the ultimate flexible food presentation solution. The “one size fi ts all plate” is specifically designed to hold the diverse range of cups and dishes!


    The subtlety and elegance of Stonecast Barley White is the ideal platform for food presentation offering a hint of rustic charm. Inspired by the changing landscape of Spring and Summer months the softness and charm of the product is bought to life through the clever presentation of fresh food and ingredients. Barley White allows you to bring a rustic element in to the mix without compromising on the food. 




    The rustic charm of Stonecast is further enhanced with the introduction of vibrant Cornflower Blue, inspired by the warmth of the Summer months, and the radiant colours of the season. Hand decorated in the UK with the trademark Stonecast spinwash, fine speckle and rustic band, each piece is a unique creation. Cornflower Blue looks great on it's own or mixed with existing Stonecast colours. 


    Rustic charm is bought to life with a stunning handpainted colourwash in a soft Duck Egg Blue with the Golden Brown speckle and rustic edge. The colour is inspired by the ingredients and colours of the Spring months, as the vibrancy of the food intensifies. Duck Egg is a perfect backdrop to showcase real food. An extremely versatile colour, it harmoniously sits in both casual and fine dining settings. 


    Accent pieces in new Mustard Seed Yellow add a new dimension to the rustic charm of Stonecast. Inspired by the seasons, Mustard Seed is reminiscent of the rich colour palette of Autumn. Hand decorated, making each piece individual. The colour is stunning used on it's own or mixed with existing Stonecast, adding warmth to any menu. 


    Neutrals are a popular design theme and Nutmeg Cream is a welcome new addition to the Stonecast colour palette. The natural shade has been applied to a complete range of nineteen items, it is the perfect choice for showcasing fresh food ingredients to stunning effect. 


    The rustic charm of Stonecast is enhanced with the addition of new Peppercorn Grey. Hand decorated with the trademark colour wash, fine speckle and rustic edge. Inspired by how the seasons shape our landscape, Peppercorn Grey is reminiscent of the winter months and is the perfect canvas for the presentation of fresh, seasonal ingredients. The soft, versatility of Peppercorn Grey complements both casual and fine dining settings. 


    Seasonal inspiration is behind the autumnal warmth of the new Stonecast Spiced Orange, symbolic of the dramatic Autumn hues. Spiced Orange is decorated in a hand painted colourwash with a fine speckle and rustic band, each piece is hand decorated creating a varied and unique look. Stonecast Spiced Orange is the perfect platform to celebrate the seasons and showcase fresh ingredients. 


    Designed to mix with current collections to create an eclectic feel. Nature’s designs and colors combine to bring the natural world to the tabletop. The classic texture of marble is enhanced in tones of blue and grey, whilst the modern wood design is available in a stylish sepia or fresh green. The manufacturing process is taken from traditional techniques, with technological investment this provides a durable and strong finish.


    Ultimo is a contemporary beverage solution, exclusively designed by coffee connoisseurs. The range offers a selection of desirable cups and mugs, statement beverage pots, stylish jugs and bowls which truly enhance the coffee experience. The curved interior base of the cups creates the perfect ‘crema’


    The trend for glass beverage is becoming increasingly popular for serving lattes, hot chocolates and even speciality teas. Ultimo is a contemporary beverage solution, exclusively designed by coffee connoisseurs. Mix and match glass and ceramic items for statement beverage presentation.


    The trend for vintage chic is very much in the fashion spotlight, creating a stylish visual experience that is far from predictable. Our Vintage Prints collection includes a medley of Calico, Rose Chintz, Toile and Victorian Lace pieces, taken from traditional print in our archives. Perfect as sharing platters or to add charm to key signature dishes, the pieces can be mixed and matched so every selection is unique.


    A versatile and contemporary range of monochrome dishes and accessories that work well together to create striking theatrical effects. Designed for the customer who wants to make a statement, Voyager combines portion control with outstanding versatility and durability.


    This collection of White bowls, ovals and accessories provide a comprehensive choice of key shapes and sizes. All products perfectly co-ordinate with the other Churchill Super Vitrified ranges.


    Add value to any beverage service with this comprehensive collection of White Holloware. Product performance is key with an excellent choice of shape and capacity.


    This versatile collection offers a classic and modern design suitable for all your presentations needs.


    Introducing a range of deep square and rectangular plates to our X Squared+ range. This collection works across the menu with modern angular lines in both square and oblong shapes – suiting all styles of contemporary serving.


    Beverage ranges to suit all of your needs offering a wide selection of shapes and sizes for serving coffee, tea and hot chocolates. From contemporary to traditional styles, for the perfect cappuccino or cup of tea in white and colour.

  • ZEN

    Zen is a range of fusion inspired bowls specially designed to complement all exotic oriental and Asian cuisine. Ideal to serve fusion style dishes; noodles, rice, curries and soups. Also suited to all types of bowl food concepts and event dining where authentic dishes are required.

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